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Looking for a new ride??? come to heritage automotive..
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About Looking for a new ride??? come to heritage automotive..:
Come see me, Komal Ramchand-Pitney to get you into a new ride!!! About Heritage Automotive Group - Providing the Best Auto Dealerships in Indiana Heritage isn’t only our name, it’s a family tradition. In July of 1974, the Scripture family started in the automotive sales and service industry in southeastern Indiana and we have built a reputation of providing our customers with quality products at a fair price. In our 37 years of automotive experience, the Scripture name has been known for honesty and integrity in auto sales. The older generation of Heritage Automotive has worked hard to build a great reputation in the automotive community by not only selling quality automobiles, but by providing service after the sale. The name Heritage Automotive Group came into existence in order to bring in a younger generation of family members into the business. We truly are the next generation of a family tradition and when it comes to buying your next used vehicle, we want to become a part of your family’s tradition too. Heritage Automotive Group opened its doors in 1996 with the philosophy of new car franchise quality at a used car price. The entire Scripture family has made the automotive business their Heritage. And now with 3 central Indiana locations located just a short drive from the Indianapolis auto dealerships, Heritage Automotive Group is still family owned and operated offering quality pre-owned cars and trucks at fair and reasonable prices. We are proud to offer our service in Shelbyville, New Castle, and as one of the newest car dealerships in Columbus, Indiana. At Heritage Automotive, we care about our communities. In each of our locations, we have taken existing new car franchise buildings and converted them into attractive, customer friendly, used car superstores just like the ones you see at the Indianapolis auto dealerships. This benefits the community in two ways - by renovating unused buildings and by providing quality products at a reasonable price. We take pride in our small town roots and look forward to providing future generations with a quality vehicle sales and service experience. We respect our communities and have already established ourselves in our first two locations in Shelbyville and New Castle, Indiana and are working hard to do the same as one of the newest car dealerships in Columbus, Indiana. That’s why before you buy, please visit Heritage Automotive Group.
4665 North US Hwy 31 Columbus, IN 47201
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