Diwali Fireworks on Sale
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2018 Diwali is on Wednesday, November 7th

Diwali Fireworks on Sale
Mark & Jessie's Firework Shack
3515 Hollowell Street, Columbus, IN 47201

Be safe and enjoy the fire crackers....Happy Diwali

Indiana has four main laws regarding consumer use of fireworks:
- Must be 18 or older to purchase fireworks.
- An adult must be present for children to use any kind of fireworks.
- Use of fireworks is limited to your own property, the property of someone who has approved your fireworks fun or a location designated specifically for the use consumer fireworks.
- Fireworks are allowed from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. year round and from 9 a.m. to midnight on Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and New Year's Eve unless a local ordinance specifies otherwise. A lot of local ordinances specify otherwise; see below for details

Don't have a place to shoot the fire crackers? Don't worry. You can use the ground opposite to the firework shop. Ask Mark (Shop Owner) for more details. 
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